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Neurology Care for Multiple Sclerosis

The Division of Neurology at Riverhills Neuroscience has an in-depth understanding  and experience with Multiple Sclerosis. For over 40 years, Riverhills Neuroscience has been working with MS patients, frequently providing:

  • MS diagnosis
  • Courses of care for MS — including disease modifying therapies, treatments for attacks, and symptom management
  • Answers to medical questions, prescriptions, and help with disability-related issues
  • Coordinated care with other Riverhills departments and specialists

Comprehensive Services

Our Neurologists coordinate closely with a larger team of Riverhills specialists to provide:

Diagnostics / MRI
Riverhills state-of-the art MRI center provides superior brain and spine imaging. Your images are interpreted within 24 hours by a radiologist who is specially trained in MR neuroradiology.

Rehabilitation Services
Riverhills coordinates with trusted wellness professionals that are highly experienced in the unique needs of MS patients.

  • Physical Therapists can help with strength, flexibility and mobility issues; they may also instruct on use of assistive devices and mobility aids.
  • Occupational Therapists help patients maintain the highest level of independence. They may even go to your home to evaluate needs for safety and mobility.

Behavioral Medicine

  • A Psychologist with specialized experience with Multiple Sclerosis is available to assist patients psychological stresses associated with MS.
  • Your neurologist may consult with a Neuropsychologist to determine any impact on cognitive functions such as attention or memory.

Infusion Therapy
Some patients benefit from medications delivered by IV infusion. Riverhills Neuroscience operates one of the largest MS infusion centers in Ohio. In fact, some patients travel from as far as New Jersey, Boston and Columbus to receive infusion at Riverhills. We offer convenient pre-authorization services to coordinate appointments, insurance and billing.

Patient Advocacy
A social worker from the MS Society is available to help with information on Medicare/Medicaid, transportation, accessible housing, and local MS support groups.

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