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About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects more than 54 million people in the United States and is one of the most common types of arthritis. Riverhills Neuroscience, an elite group of multidisciplinary specialists, offers neurology, interventional pain management, physical medicine and rehab, rheumatology, spinal care, spine surgery, and other services that people with osteoarthritis need to manage the disease best and improve daily living. There is one office in Crestview Hills in Crestview, Kentucky, and additional locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, with offices in Norwood, Anderson, and West Cincinnati. Call the office nearest you or use the online contact form to request more info now.

Osteoarthritis Q&A

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease called wear and tear arthritis, or OA occurs when cartilage (joint padding) breaks down. This leads to bone-on-bone interaction, which can result in bone damage.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain and stiffness in the low back or neck
  • Pain that radiates into the shoulder or down the arm
  • Weakness or numbness in one or both arms
  • Limited motion
  • Pain or morning stiffness that lasts for about 30 minutes due to inactivity
  • Pain that worsens throughout the day due to activity

The joints most commonly affected include the knees, hips, and hands. Most people experience osteoarthritis on one side of their body. It can cause joint pain, stiffness, and, in later stages, mobility issues.

Osteoarthritis can also affect the spine, causing discomfort and pain.

How does osteoarthritis affect the spine?

When osteoarthritis affects the spine, it’s known as spondylosis — a degenerative disorder that can cause loss of typical spinal structure and function. Although aging is the primary cause, the location and rate of degeneration vary per individual.

Spondylosis may affect cervical, thoracic, and/or lumbar regions, involving the facet joints and intervertebral discs. This can lead to disc degeneration and bone spurs (osteophytes), which pinch the nerves near discs or spurs.

When spondylosis affects the lumbar spine, several vertebrae are usually involved. The lumbar spine carries most of the body's weight, so activity or periods of inactivity may trigger symptoms. Specific movements, sitting for prolonged periods, bending, or lifting, might increase pain.

If you have spine, neck, and/or back pain that affects your quality of life, the spine care specialists at Riverhills Neuroscience can help. They are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating various conditions, including osteoarthritis, spine conditions, and acute and chronic pain. They also perform spine surgery.

When should I seek medical care for osteoarthritis?

Many patients see their primary care doctor as the first point of contact due to pain caused by arthritis. Often a primary care provider will be able to evaluate to see if further workup is needed. They can also refer you to specialists, like pain management and rheumatology. 

If you or a loved one has osteoarthritis or are experiencing symptoms, call Riverhills Neuroscience to schedule an appointment. You can also complete the online contact form for more information.