Chellie Costa

Michelle (“Chellie”) Costa is medical assistant to Dr. Hughes at the Western Hills office. Chellie has worked with Dr. Hughes for over 35 years! She started assisting Dr. Hughes at the Wellington office in 1982, and worked there for 19 years. When Dr. Hughes left to start his own practice, Chellie went with him to Western Hills, where they worked together for 12 years. In 2015, Dr. Hughes (and Chellie) rejoined Riverhills Neuroscience, remaining at the same Western Hills office.

Chellie’s job requires her to juggle many administrative and clinical duties throughout the day. She greets patients and assists Dr. Hughes. She helps prepare charts, records notes, and pull results for Dr. Hughes. In addition to working with patients, she takes phone calls, opens mail, and manages various paperwork. The most challenging part of each day is just “getting it all done.”

Chellie earned a medical assistant degree from Cincinnati Technical College. Before Riverhills, she worked at a pediatrician’s office. Chellie has also done some pharmacy work, including some time at the “Revco” Pharmacy.

Chellie has made lots of friends during here year with Riverhills, and notes how nice everyone is to work with. “The MA’s all get along. We help each other out.” says Chellie. She has fun stories from the early years at Wellington… after-hours scavenger hunts, game nights, tree trimming parties… even golf, softball & volleyball teams!

Outside of Riverhills, Chellie like to do crafts. She also likes to travel – including summer trips to lake Cumberland, and visiting her parents in Florida. She enjoys restaurants and wine tasting with friends. If you keep an eye out, you might spot Chellie at her favorite west side Thai place eating sushi, or sharing dinner and cocktails with friends downtown.

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Chellie Costa

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