Bridgett S. Haushalter

Bridgett is a Medical Assistant and Surgery Scheduler for the division of neurosurgery. She is also a member of the Greenway team. Bridgett began as an MA, but most of her responsibilities are as surgery scheduler. Bridgett had no prior scheduling experience before taking this job, and she is largely self-taught (with help from Kim Wilkens & Mary Ellen Eardley)

Her scheduling role includes making sure the required equipment and patient films are at the hospital for surgery. She uses a tracking system to make sure all these details are followed. “Surgical Scheduling is a very tedious process,” Bridgett says, “it requires a lot of checking and cross checking.” She must also communicate to prior authorization staff the type of surgery, and type of equipment needed – just some of the of many details required to get a patient’s surgery scheduled.

How she got started….

Bridgett has been at Riverhills for 6 years. Prior to Riverhills, she worked at Mt. Lookout Chiropractic for 6 years. She enjoyed her work there, but weekend hours and the lengthy commute were not ideal.

Bridgett has known Barb Mitchell (division manager for neurosurgery) and her family for many years. She went to high school with both of Barb’s sons, so Bridgett would see Barb regularly at Milford neighborhood events. Bridgett’s husband, David, and Barb Mitchell’s son, Kevin, also work together. It was through this connection that Bridgett learned of an opening at Riverhills.

Challenges & Highlights…

A lot of work goes into scheduling a surgery. Sometimes the necessary details don’t fall into place the way Bridgett likes – due to things outside her control – and that can be very frustrating. It takes patience.

Among the best things in Bridgett’s day is working with great doctors. “I really respect the neurosurgeons I work for, and fully support their mission.” She also appreciates the new offices. Though further from home, she likes that more departments are together in one location, and the comradery that has developed.

Outside of Riverhills…

Bridgett and her husband David have been married for 7 years, and have a 4-year old daughter named Cynthia Adele. They are BIG sports fans, and even had a Bengal themed wedding. They also enjoy soccer. Bridgett played soccer for 17 years, and they currently coach daughter Cynthia’s team.

When not enjoying sports, they spend a lot of time with family in Milford. They have an 11-year old Pug named Kirby, and a boat at Cave Run Lake in Moorehead, Kentucky.

FUN Facts…

Bridgett can play piano. She also drives Shirley Hadley to work! On the 4 days per week Bridgett works, she picks up Shirley each morning by her home & gives her a lift to the office. In exchange, Shirley provides Bridgett lunch. It’s a great thing!

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Bridgett S. Haushalter

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