Meet Tracy Clyburn, Medical Transcriptionist extraordinaire!

Tracy works as a transcriptionist for Drs. Caneris and Cianciolo in the division of Pain Management. This fall, she will have been with Riverhills for 5 years.

What is transcription?

Transcription is the typing (or transcribing) of doctor’s voice recordings into documents.

How it works…

The physicians speak into a Dictaphone system. For Drs. Caneris and Cianciolo, these might include patient notes, patient records, or attorney notes. The Dictaphone system creates and stores the voice recordings as computer files. Tracy retrieves the recorded voices files, listens, and types them. Notes are then printed and put in the chart (for Dr. Caneris). Transcriptions are typically done with 24-48 hours of being recorded.

Tracy at work…

She has been doing transcription for over 15 years. This October, she will have been with Riverhills 5 years. Previous to Riverhills, Tracy did some work at UC Health as a surgery scheduler and Healthsource in the call center. When her kids were young, she was able to do transcription work from home, which was great.

The most challenging part of Tracy’s job is simply fitting in all in. In addition to transcription, she covers the front desk sometimes, processes new referrals, answers phones, and makes sure doctors notes are pulled off and saved from Health Bridge (a site with reports from different hospitals, labs, diagnostics, etc.) Oh yeah, she also makes the coffee which is the most important part of her job!

When asked about the best things at Riverhills, Tracy says, “the whole organization is really good… they take care of their employees, and you’re trusted to do your job”.

Tracy at home…

Tracy and her husband have 3 grown children: Emily is 25, Morgan is 21, Jeffery is 19. Emily, the oldest, is getting married this June in Florida. This has Tracy very busy, recently hosting a bridal shower, and making her daughters wedding dress.

In her free time, Tracy is usually making crafts of some kind. She does quilting, crocheting and often participates in craft shows.

Little known fact: On top of all these activities, several years ago, Tracy got her associates degree in business. It was a challenging task in addition to a full work schedule, but she did it! Her favorite class in business school: Art History… always leaning to her creative side 🙂

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Tracy Clyburn

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